November 17, 2020


A New Museum to Bring the Benin Bronzes Home

A New Museum to Bring the Benin Bronzes Home

The architect David Adjaye discusses his plans for an institution to house the looted treasures on their to return to Nigeria.

November 7, 2020


9 Ways Outdoor Dining Will Change New York

Street and sidewalk tables won’t just survive the pandemic. They’ll make the city a different place.

October 30, 2020


With COVID-19, Waiting in Line Is Unsafe – The Atlantic

With social-distancing measures in place for the foreseeable future, queue management—once an esoteric subarea of logistics—is being recast as a health-and-wellness hero. The design practices and software tools that line experts have been working on for years might become as common as the queues they manage. If they do, Americans might finally rid themselves of the drudgery of waiting.

Theme-park designers, architects, and engineers have been fighting against queues for decades. COVID-19 could finally kill them for good.

Source: With COVID-19, Waiting in Line Is Unsafe – The Atlantic

October 29, 2020


Cate Blanchett: ‘Covid-19 has ravaged the whole idea of small government’ | Books | The Guardian

I think this need to gather is fundamental to who we are, and it has been stymied by Covid-19 but also underlined by it, and that need in us for community addresses the difficult lesson we have to learn: business is not government and government is not a business. The biggest choice as governments began thinking about easing lockdowns, the choice that really seems to divide us deeply, is that between community and economy.

In this essay, the actor considers the disruptions of the pandemic and the renewed fervour for social and economic justice

Source: Cate Blanchett: ‘Covid-19 has ravaged the whole idea of small government’ | Books | The Guardian

October 18, 2020


Government weighs plan for Melbourne revival

Government weighs plan for Melbourne revival
As Melbourne learns what our first significant steps out of lockdown will be, the Victorian government is considering a proposal by some of the state’s most prominent civic and business leaders to return life to our city.