Dermoid I

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In spring 2009 Prof. Mark Burry won the prestigious Velux Visiting Professorship Award to work with Centre for Information Technology and Architecture [CITA], Royal Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, Copenhagen over a two-year period. The aim for the Visiting Professorship was to explore how computation may lead to a new collaborative material practice in architecture. Were BIM often attempts to tie all partners of a building project onto a common digital platform the Dermoid project took point of departure in the creation of a plenitude of interlinked tools that could be developed in parallel by a team spread between Europe and Australia.

The project was based on visiting professor Mark Burry and CITAs joint expertise into advanced digital design technologies and digital fabrication. Working with and participating in the development of interfaces between design and fabrication has led to a common understanding that digital design practice is characterised by a nearness between design intent and material understanding.
BIM related techniques played a major role in the development process. Here a chain of standard parametric and more customised software tools allowed for the integration of design and simulation techniques with material production.
The two-year project was developed through a series of consecutive workshops of different duration with participants level ranging from 3rd year student to researcher. The knowledge generated through the research concluded in the Dermoid installation, a full-scale demonstrator exhibited in the 1:1 Research by Design exhibition.

Dermoid I Research Team
Mark Burry (RMIT), Mette Ramsgard Thomsen, Martin Tamke (CITA), Phil Ayres (CITA), Anders Holden Deleuran (CITA), Stig Anton Nielse (CITA)


  • Dermoid was unveiled in March 2011 as part of the “1:1 – Research by Design” exhibition at the School of Architecture, Royal Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, Copenhagen
  • Dermoid II was installed at Denmark Design Museum as part of Copenhagen Design week, September 2011

photography: Anders Ingvartsen


Dermoid III

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The third iteration of Dermoid took place  place as a design workshop, installation and exhibition featured as a part of the of RMIT’s  Design Research Institute Exhibition – Convergence- at the  Design Hub Gallery  from May 06 -May 28, 2013.

The Dermoid III Installation/workshop  continued to test material behaviour with the additional design problem of ‘skinning’ the structure, informed by an understanding of material behaviour, developed via computational design and physical testing of knitted textiles.

Working through a trans-disciplinary workshop model, the research project creates an environment of exchange between researchers, students and industry practitioners. The workshops create open environments where researchers across architecture and textile design disciplines seek to question technologies, materials and construction techniques together.

  • Dermoid III was installed at RMIT’s  Design Research Institute ‘Convergence’ Exhibition at the  Design Hub Gallery  from April 25 -May 28, 2013.

Dermoid III Research Team

Mark Burry, Martin Tamke, Anders Deleuran, Andy Miller, Greg Quinn, Jenny Underwood, Michael Wilson, Henrik Evers, Esther Paleologos

photography: Mark Burry

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