December 19, 2020


Modular Construction Meets Changing Needs in the Pandemic

The process of creating prefabricated units that can be quickly assembled has shifted as developers turn to medical buildings, affordable housing, data centers and even a Chick-fil-A restaurant.

December 19, 2020


How New Yorkers Want to Change the Streetscape for Good

“The pandemic led to a mass experiment in closing streets to cars. New Yorkers embraced the change and want permanent spaces for playing, dining and performing.”

December 13, 2020


Catalyst for change – how the pandemic changed the way we live and work

There’s also been a shift from inner-city areas to the suburbs as the pandemic has changed the way people think about their homes and some renters have been able to score better deals. Huntley’s research reveals lockdowns and prolonged hours in the house have made both homeowners and renters generally less satisfied with lack of indoor and outdoor space, perhaps not having an appropriate place to work or study or sufficient in-home storage. Most say they’ll prioritise being near green space when they buy or move to their next home.

December 11, 2020


Are Cities a Safe Place to Live During a Pandemic?

“Dense urban centers were vilified when the pandemic struck, rekindling the age-old town vs. country debate. We asked seven experts if the backlash was warranted.”

December 5, 2020


Citizen science allows laymen to contribute to groundbreaking investigations, even without traveling – The Washington Post

"Citizen science offers the general public an opportunity to participate in groundbreaking research and investigations. With thousands of ongoing projects, getting involved doesn’t require a trip to the white continent. Many projects offer a chance to participate from home, making it an ideal activity for these strange days. Log onto the Globe Observer app, for example, and help confirm NASA satellite cloud observations on your lunch break. You might count birds or insects, play games on your phone that help identify fish or plants, or scan the night sky for stars. Numerous coronavirus-related projects are working to create a large picture of how the virus is affecting us emotionally as well as physically. A comprehensive database of participation opportunities is available at"

December 4, 2020


What we can learn from the businesses that evolved during Covid-19 | Xero: Resilient business | The Guardian

What we can learn from the businesses that evolved during Covid-19 | Xero: Resilient business | The Guardian

Australian small businesses have gone above and beyond during the pandemic, adapting their models in ways that are not only helping them survive now, but will make them stronger in the future

You’d be hard pressed to find a small business that hasn’t had to adapt as a result of the disruption wrought by Covid-19. From retailers to restaurants, almost every Australian brand has changed the way they operate in 2020. But for some, the pandemic has provided the impetus to go one step further and implement changes that will be here for the long haul.

To find out how three small businesses did it, we spoke to boutique cinema Golden Age, fine dining favourite Firedoor and photography store CameraPro for their insights.