Assimilation of Architectural and Services Design

ARC Linkage (with Queensland University of Technology and industry partner Queensland Government Project Services)

Assimilation of architectural and services design in early design modelling.

Chief investigators: Mark Burry, John Frazer, Robin Drogemuller, Jane Burry PD Fellow: Flora Salim, PhDs: 2 at QUT

Decisions made in the earliest stage of architectural design have the greatest impact on the construction and lifecycle cost and environmental footprint of buildings. Yet one of the largest contributors to cost, complexity and environmental impact, the building services, are rarely considered in detail at this crucial stage. This research proposal aims to develop new ways of integrating service design in information rich architectural design modelling to link the two in the early design stage when the whole building design is still at its most volatile. This will create new and extensible knowledge about decision support in integrated early design.


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