Ethics and aesthetics as criteria for Innovation

ARC Discovery 2009-2011

Ethics and aesthetics as criteria for innovation: A design research study of biological art and digital architecture.

Chief Investigators:  Pia Ednie-Brown, Mark Burry, Oron Catts, Andrew Burrow

The project will contribute to the goal of promoting innovation in three areas. First, the project will amplify Australia’s individual strengths in biological art and digital architecture by creating a network of artists and designers in which each discipline is stimulated by the concerns and practices of the other. Second, the project will explain innovation in such networks, by identifying activities that lead to innovation. Such an explanation will improve the nation’s capacity to promote innovation in targeted fields. Third, the project will test and develop collaboration tools designed to support the activities identified as leading to innovation, as information technology is a primary enabler for operating across such networks.


The Innovation Imperative: Architectures of Vitality

innovation cover

Suggesting a process that is fundamentally emergent, collective and environmentally situated, this book explores architectural innovation in terms of the production of vitality. Emphasizing attention to ways of doing as key to innovation, this book brings together historical perspectives with a range of leading provocative, emerging approaches to architectural practice that together offer fresh insight into the often vague and ubiquitous atmospheres of innovation-speak.

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