Sharing Complex Systems information by challenging the orthodoxies of linear presentation

ARC Discovery – 2003-2005

Chief investigators: Mark Burry, Lin Padgham, Research Assistant: Gregory More

Project summary:
Information Technology has contributed more to working with complex systems than to communicating them. Presentation software styled on the power of the point hardly addresses the restrictions of traditional media: sequential visual information display with little possibility for the cross-reference needed to communicate a complex situation.

This research will test the effectiveness of our multidimensional presentation software prototype in a range of complex system situations in order to improve the opportunities for interactive spatial media in today’s work and learning environments.

One Comment on “Sharing Complex Systems information by challenging the orthodoxies of linear presentation”

  1. stimpsonandco Says:


    saw your recent talk in Fortuna on one of my fav buildings.

    I liked the way you were able to chop and change your presentation, rather than being linear…one slide after the other in set order.

    are you able to tell, share what program this was made in?

    thx in advance.



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