Gaudí Unseen: Completing the Sagrada Família


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As such, the exhibition and this accompanying book focus on the geometric system inherent in Gaudi’s design and its implementation in the completion of the Sagrada Familia- which, even after 125 years of building, remains one of the most extraordinary presentday construction projects.

However, they by no means exhaustively cover this particular project, which represents the quintessence in Gaudf’s ceuvre, nor his work overall. At least, however, with regard to the latest research on the Sagrada Familia, they do go some way towards filling the gap left by the two exhibitions in Germany addressing Gaudi’s work, in 2002 at the University of Stuttgart and in 2004 in the Paula Modersohn-Becker Museum in Bremen.

The exhibition and accompanying publication were made possible through collaboration between Deutsches Architekturmuseum (DAM), the Spatial Information Architecture Laboratory (SIAL) at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), and the construction bureau of the Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Familia.

The collaboration between institutes in three countries was enabled, not least, through the support of Institut Ramon Llull, which on the occasion of Catalan Culture being guest of honor at the Frankfurt Book Fair, have kindly agreed to sponsor the exhibition and publication.



  • Curator: Mark Burry
  • Concept: Peter Cachola Schmal, Yorck Forster, Mark Burry, Adam Corcoran, Matthias Haeusler
  • Design: Adam Corcoran
  • Frankfurt coordinator: Yorck Forster
  • Melbourne coordinator: Matthias Haeusler
  • Barcelona coordinators: TSF Archive: Laia Vinaixa, TSF Design Office: Jordi Faulí and Jordi Coll
  • Head model maker:Josep Tallada
  • Prototyping of Passion Façade column design: Technische Universität Kaiserslautern, Fachgebiet
  • Tragwerksentwurf und Konstruktionen  3DMLab; Harald Kloft, Martin Schroth and Andreas Stengele
  • Banner, poster and invitation card: Studio Joachim Mildner, Düsseldorf
  • Public relations: Paul Andreas
  • Registrar: Anke Gabriel
  • Exhibition setup: Christian Walter, Detlef Wagner-Walter, Enrico Hirsekorn, Paolo Brunino,Joachim
  • Muller-Rahn, Herbert Warmuth, Gerhard Winkler
  • Administration staff: Inka Plechaty, Jeanette Bolz, Julia Nicolai
  • Film editing & production: Dom Evans


  • Editor: Mark Burry
  • Design & layout: Adam Corcoran
  • Translation Catalan-English: Nova, traductors, interprets, S.L., Nuria Sabrte, Jordi Faulí
  • Translation German-English: Jeremy Gaines
  • Translation English-German: Petera Gaines, Annette Wiethuchter, Kirsten Heininger, Dominik Holzer
  • Photos/images: Mark Burry and Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família
  • Editorial assistance: Thomas Daniell, Ellen van Goethem, Jane Burry
Nave Column
Branch Column
Window Model
Nave Roof
Cutting Rose Window
On Site
Design Office
Modelling Workshop
Nave Columns Geometry
Clerestory Windows

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