Aegis Hyposurface

The Aegis Hyposurface is a dECOi project, the inspiration of and led by Mark Goulthorpe and the dECOi office along with a large multi-disciplinary team of architects, engineers, mathematicians and computer programmers, among others. I collaborated with Mark in the competition entry and the development of the project to the point where a working prototype 10 metres wide and 3 metres high was a star attraction at the March 2001 Cebit trade fair. I was working at Deakin University at the time, and we drew heavily on the expertise of other departments at teh University, principally Professor Saeid Navahandi and Dr Abbas Kouzani – creative mechatronics geniuses. Please see below for a full list of the members of the project team.

This project was developed for a competition for an interactive art-work outside the foyer of The Birmingham Hippodrome Theatre situated on a protruding section of wall 5m above the pavement below: a projecting billboard. ‘Aegis’ is a faceted metallic surface that has potential to deform physically as a real time response to electronic stimuli from the environment (movement, sound, light,etc). Driven by a bed of 896 pneumatic pistons, the dynamic ‘terrains’ are generated as real-time calculations.

‘Aegis’ marks the transition from autoplastic (determinate) to alloplastic (interactive, indeterminate) space, a new species of reciprocal architecture (refer to this link by Mark Goulthorpe).

A section of Aegis was later on show at the ‘Non Standard Architectures‘ exhibition at the Centre Pompidou in Paris: December 10 2003 – March 1 2004.

See also this link.

SIAL also contributed to three of the projects on show at the Pompidou: AegisParamorph II, and Blue Gallery, and  produced the exhibition multimedia. I was one of the four essayists in the accompanying catalogue (summary).

MCB_P_000008 MCB_P_000007 MCB_P_000006 MCB_P_000005 MCB_P_000004 MCB_P_000003 D1_MCB_P_000001

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