New onto old: flexible 3D computer modelling to aid heritage building restoration, recycling and extension

ARC Spirit – 2001-2003

Chief investigators: Mark Burry (RMIT) with Sambit Datta (Deakin) and Jordi Bonet (Coordinating Architect and Director, Sagrada Familia Church, Barcelona, Spain).

Project Summary:
When working with existing buildings assumptions need to be made when accurate measurement is impossible, and where construction information is hidden within the existing building fabric. In these situations architects might benefit from interactive computer-aided design models.

Three-dimensional models are becoming more routine in practice, but their innate precision is in opposition to the ‘loos knowledge’ implicit with recycled building stock. The aims of this research is to apply and evaluate flexible modelling techniques (parametric design) developed by the research team to a case study of international importance: the continuing construction of the Sagrada Família Church in Barcelona. This work will be in conjunction with a 200-2002 Large ARC funded project: Investigation into Antoni Gaudí’s Final Design Models for the Sagrada Família Church.

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