Technology Transfer through Embedded Research within Architectural Practice

ARC Linkage: Technology Transfer through Embedded Research within Architectural Practice: the Creation of an Australian Practice-Based Architectural Research and Development Network.


Chief investigators: Mark Burry,Andrew Maher, Research Associate: Anitra Nelson, APAI PhD scholarships: Sarah Benton, Rory Hyde, Paul Nicholas, Marcus White, Practice partners: Arup, Terroir, B-K-K, McGauran Giannini Soon

Project Summary:
This research will apply Parametric Design to a range of projects within architecture and construction engineering practice to assess the benefits. To what extent does a parametric approach extend opportunities for flexible, stream-lined and intelligent design and construction in practice? This research will test parametric resolution of a range of real design problems that mirror the work of innovative Australian practices. Through embedded postgraduate research within practice, this project will give Australian academy and practice the opportunity to lead in understanding the conditions for successfully applying advanced techniques in design practice.

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