Architectural Research Embedded within Practice

ARC Linkage Grant: Architectural Research Embedded within Practice: The Creation of a Shared Practice-Based Architectural Research and Development Network.

2005 – 2007

Project summary
There are three aims to this Linkage research project.
The first is to form a cohort of four postgraduate students, each embedded in one of the Industry Partner architectural practices where, through daily contact with one or more projects, the practices will be able to afford to be more speculative in the way they undertake certain tasks which range between ideation, conceptualisation, design development, design realisation, post-occupancy evaluation and facilities management.
The second aim is to initiate a forum composed of key members of each of the participating practices from which new dialogues will emerge, leading to new areas of research and development that will help ensure that Australian architectural design and its role in the construction industry maintains its competitive position in the world market.
The third aim is to encourage a formal 3-way dialogue through research-based cooperation between the University, the cohort of postgraduates and the participating practices to form a conspicuous vanguard team to influence national change in the construction design industry

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